Rose City Flute Choir

2002 Members Recital--RCFC #1

photo by Chris Leck

Membership Info 

Mission Statement
The Rose City Flute Choir (RCFC), a community flute ensemble, is dedicated to weekly rehearsals and the performance of quality flute ensemble literature. We perform at a variety of community and private functions, and provide both a valuable performance opportunity for adult flutists, and a unique concert experience for our audiences throughout the Portland Metropolitan Area.

About Rose City Flute Choir
Rose City Flute Choir (RCFC), a community performing ensemble and non-profit organization, was formed in the fall of 1986 by Treese Kjeldsen. Dedicated to weekly rehearsals and the performance of quality flute ensemble literature, we perform at a variety of community and private functions. The diversity of our programming allows us to reach audiences throughout the Portland Metropolitan Area: we perform annually at metro area Farmers Markets, at Retirement Centers, and at community events such as the Grotto’s Festival of Lights.


Halloween concert

Our membership of approximately 25-35 flutists draws from all walks of life and includes professional flutists, educators, homemakers, business professionals, computer specialists, doctors, nurses, retail employees, and retirees. We have come together for the love of the flute and to provide a performance outlet that some may not otherwise have. Our organization provides valuable performance experience to flutists in our community, as well as a unique concert experience for our audiences. Our repertoire includes music from Bach to contemporary, as well as arrangements and compositions specifically written for us by several of our members. We accept adult flutists of ability levels ranging from advanced-intermediate through advanced.

Sharyn's Really Big Flute FamilyRose City Flute Choir uses many flutes in the flute family. The highest voice of our flute choir is the piccolo, which is much smaller than the flute and sounds a full octave above the concert flute. Next highest is the concert flute, which is the same instrument that is played in most bands and orchestras. We also use alto flutes, which are longer and larger in diameter than a concert flute–this flute is in the key of G (unlike the rest of our instruments, which are in concert pitch) and sounds a 4th lower than a concert flute. We have two types of alto flutes in our group: some that are straight like a concert flute, and others with a curved headjoint (looks like a “J” or a candy cane) which helps the player reach the keys more easily. The next lowest  flute that we use is the bass flute. This flute sounds a full octave below the concert flute and has a curved headjoint (looking like a “J” or a candy cane) to make it possible to reach the keys. We joke that this flute looks like a pipe found under the kitchen sink.  Our largest flute is a contrabass flute that sounds two full octaves below the concert flute.  Together, these instruments produce a range of 6 full octaves. One of the most popular features of our concerts is the instrument demonstration where we introduce each of the types of instruments and let the audience hear what the different types of instruments sound like individually.


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 Rose City Flute Choir Performance Videos
Corelli Christmas Concerto (Grotto 12-2012):  click here
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Grotto 12-2012):  click here
Pat-a-Pan from French Nativity Suite (Via) (Grotto 12-2012):  click here  
Of Wizards and Witches (Louke) (Mary’s Woods 10-2010):  click here
Over the Edge (Boone) (Spring Concert 4-2012):  click here
Secret Language of Snow (mvmt 3) (Spring Concert 4-2012):  click here

Lisa Steinkamp & bass flute (small)

Farmers’ Market Performance

Performance Schedule for a Typical Season:

Fall/Winter Season (September-December):  Usually 2 to 4 Holiday Performances.  Includes a 45 min. performance at The Grotto Festival of Lights in NE Portland, and usually at one or two retirement homes.

Spring Season (January-April):  performance at GPFS Flute Fair in early April (25 min.), full concert in early May

Summer Season (late April-July):  2 to 4 informal outdoor performances at local Farmers Markets, Retirement Homes or Community Park Concerts.  There are generally no rehearsals in August.


2008 Retirement Community Performance

News 2008
Rose City Flute Choir has also performed joint concerts with the Metropolitan Youth Symphony Flute Choir, been part of community events, and private functions.

Rose City Flute Choir Board of Directors:       
President: Phyllis Louke
Vice President:  Donna Schmidt
Treasurer:  Chris Smith
Librarian: Lisa Steinkamp
Publicity: Donna Schmidt
Secretary: Elicia Harrell
Attendance:  Donna Schmidt
Church Liaison:  Phyllis Louke