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Welcome to the Flute Resources page. You will find links to short videos demonstrating Phrasing Gestures used in the publications The Flute Scale Book, Flute 102:  Mastering the Basics, Flute 103:  Mastering the Basics and The Art of Chunking written by Patricia George and Phyllis Avidan Louke.

There are also articles on teaching subjects, as well as recommended repertoire lists for Extended Techniques, Flute Choir, and Small Ensembles.  In addition, there is a list of  past programs for Rose City Flute Choir which might provide some programming ideas for you.…/playing-the-world-s-largest… My friend Paige Long and her contra, sub in G, and double contra and the Metropolitan Flute Orchestra featured in a story about big flutes…./box

Articles Written by Phyllis Avidan Louke


Getting Started Playing Alto, Bass, and Contrabass Flutes (2005)


Repertoire Lists



Flute Choir Programming Ideas



Video Demonstrations of Phrasing Gestures

by Patricia George


THE FLUTE SCALE BOOK: A Path to Artistry

Video Demonstration of Phrasing Gestures in Chapter 2:

FLUTE 102: Mastering the Basics

FLUTE 103: Mastering the Basics