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Performance at The Grotto

The Rose City Flute Choir (RCFC), a community flute ensemble, is dedicated to weekly rehearsals and the performance of quality flute ensemble literature. We perform at a variety of community and private functions, and provide both a valuable performance opportunity for adult flutists, and a unique concert experience for our audiences throughout the Portland Metropolitan Area.

Rose City Flute Choir is an adult volunteer ensemble of intermediate through advanced flutists. We rehearse weekly on Thursday evenings from 7:00-9:00pm in the Beaverton area at Sunset Presbyterian Church.   There is no charge to join, but you may be asked to purchase a Rose City Flute Choir polo shirt (approximately $30) for our informal performances.


Halloween Concert

Because we are an organization of volunteers and do not charge membership dues, our music director and librarian bear a heavy workload and spend a disproportionate number of volunteer hours on behalf of the RCFC. As a gesture of appreciation for their generosity, dedication and expertise, we offer a stipend funded solely through voluntary contributions by the members. While it is not a requirement, the current suggested donation is $20 for each season you play with RCFC. We appreciate any amount contributed toward the stipend fund and we accept larger contributions from members who wish to give more. Members who play both the winter and spring seasons are not asked to make a contribution should they choose to play the summer season. RCFC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Any contribution you make to the stipend fund and/or the general fund is tax deductible.


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