Policies & Information

RCFC Performance at Chehalem Springs Senior Center, NewbergPOLICIES & INFORMATION rev. 9/15

Welcome to Rose City Flute Choir. We are glad to have you with us! ROSE CITY FLUTE CHOIR is a non-profit performance group for adult flutists of an advanced-intermediate to advanced playing level. We perform at a variety of venues—retirement centers, Festival of Lights at the Grotto, Saturday Farmers Markets, Greater Portland Flute Society functions, as well as a few actual “concerts” of our own.

We welcome individuals who are willing and able to commit to attending rehearsals and performances.  Be sure to check your calendar for conflicts before signing up to play.

About a month prior to each of our three performance seasons an email will be sent out with the season schedule.  If you are available for the season and wish to sign up, please respond as soon as possible to secure a spot in the group.  Because of rehearsal space and venue size constraints, we are having to set a limit on the size of the group.  If the group is already full when you respond, you’ll be placed on a waiting list.  An emails with season information will be sent out:

  • Early August for Fall Season (beginning in September)
  • Early December for Spring Season (beginning in January)
  • Early April for Summer Season (beginning in May)


  • We charge no dues to our members. We cover our operating costs with paid performances a few times a year.
  • You will be asked to purchase our polo shirt for informal concert dress (approximately $30) and sometimes we take collections for special projects or gifts. Our alto and bass flutes were partially purchased by member donations!
  • There are no “chairs” in the group and we make an effort to rotate part assignments equitably.
  • You need to provide a black three-ring binder and page protectors for your music for performances.  For summer Farmers Market performances, you will need to bring your own chair.
  • For warm-ups, we use THE FLUTE SCALE BOOK: A PATH TO ARTISTRY by Patricia George and Phyllis Avidan Louke.  If you don’t own one, we have books available to check out, or to purchase at a discount.  If you check a book out, please return it if you need to skip playing with us for a season.
  • Because we are an organization of volunteers and do not charge membership dues, our music director and librarian bear a heavy workload and spend a disproportionate number of volunteer hours on behalf of the RCFC. As a gesture of appreciation for their generosity, dedication and expertise, we offer a stipend funded solely through voluntary contributions by the members. While it is not a requirement, the current suggested donation is $20 for each season you play with RCFC. We appreciate any amount contributed toward the stipend fund and we accept larger contributions from members who wish to give more. Members who play both the winter and spring seasons are not asked to make a contribution should they choose to play the summer season. RCFC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Any contribution you make to the stipend fund and/or the general fund is tax deductible.
  • We highly recommend membership in GPFS (Greater Portland Flute Society–for info see www.gpfs.org ), but do not require it.


  • We rehearse at Westside United Methodist Church in Beaverton on Thursday evenings from 7:00-9:00pm.  Rehearsal & performance dates and info, including the specific location to our rehearsal room, can be found at www.phyllislouke.com under Rose City Flute Choir/Rehearsal Schedule.
  • Please bring your own music stand, instrument, assigned parts, and pencil to rehearsals.
  • Please follow normal rehearsal etiquette: Please refrain from talking while we’re playing or while the conductor is rehearsing a section, have your music prepared, and be courteous to the other players at all times. After rehearsal, please help straighten up the room and put instruments away. Remember that we’re all volunteers.


  • RCFC is an adult volunteer organization. As adults, we need to all make a commitment and be responsible for attending as many rehearsals as possible. Knowing your part does not excuse you from attending rehearsals. EVERYONE plays an important role in RCFC and it’s critical that all parts are covered and balanced at rehearsals. Attendance is important to the continuing quality of the group. In order to participate in a performance, you need to attend at least 70 percent of the rehearsals for that performance, including at least two of the first three rehearsals and two of the last three rehearsals. Attendance at dress rehearsal is MANDATORY. If you must miss a rehearsal or concert, please call Phyllis Louke at 503/579-6987 or e-mail her at palouke@comcast.net as soon as you know of the conflict.
  • Any exceptions to the rehearsal policy are at the discretion of the Music Director and the Board of Directors.
  • If you miss a rehearsal,  you are responsible for checking with another member to find out if there are any handouts or changes to the music, i.e. note corrections, etc.


  • Parts Assignments: When you commit to playing a concert, permanent parts will be assigned to you and you will be allowed to take them home. Please remember that assigning parts and copying music takes time. Our librarian spends MANY hours slaving over a copy machine and copy costs are increasing. If you find that you will not be able to play a concert, please return your music to the librarian immediately so the parts can be redistributed if necessary.
  • Passing in Music: Music is generally passed in and re-filed at the first rehearsal following the prior season. If you cannot attend that rehearsal, please arrange to turn in your music immediately at the end of the season (or final performance), or give it to another RCFC member to turn in for you.
  • All RCFC Members have a labeled file folder in the music file box. When new music is distributed, it is put in this folder, so if you’re missing a piece of music, check your folder at rehearsal. Folders should be left in the file box after you’ve taken your music.

RCFC owns two alto flutes and three bass flutes, which are available with proper check-out procedures to members in good standing.  We also sometimes use a bass and alto flute owned by Greater Portland Flute Society. These instruments are available for use by GPFS Members only and may be checked out for a rental fee of $1/day (checks should be made out to GPFS). Other instruments include various piccolos, altos and basses owned by individual members.

Rose City Flute Choir is totally run by volunteers and we can always use help! Contact any board member if you would like to volunteer or want to know what needs to be done. Let us know if you hear of or have an idea for a performance opportunity.

President: Phyllis Louke
Vice President: Donna Schmidt
Secretary: Elicia Harrell
Treasurer: Chris Smith
Librarian: Lisa Steinkamp

Music Director: Phyllis Louke
Attendance: Donna Schmidt
Library & Attendance Assistant: Robin Jackson
Publicity: Donna Schmidt

If you are an adult flutist of advanced-intermediate through advanced skill level and are interested in information on how to join Rose City Flute Choir, please contact Phyllis Louke at  Contact