Rehearsal Schedule

2002 Members Recital--RCFC #1ATTENDANCE POLICIES:

Rose City Flute Choir (RCFC) is an adult volunteer organization. As adults, we need to all be responsible for attending as many rehearsals as humanly possible–at least 70%.   Remember, EVERYONE plays an important role in RCFC and it’s important that all parts are covered & balanced at rehearsals.   Attendance is important to the continuing quality of the group and is required at a minimum of two of the last three rehearsals prior to a performance.  See Policies & Information

***REMINDER: Please avoid wearing or reapplying perfumes and scented cosmetics before rehearsals and performances—several members are allergic or sensitive to scents.

If you must miss a rehearsal or concert, please call Phyllis at 503-579-6987 (voice only) or email at, as soon as you know of the conflict. 

REHEARSALS: Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings from 7:00-9:00pm.  Bring your instrument and a music stand.

NEW REHEARSAL LOCATION (as of September 2017):

Westside United Methodist Church, 13420 SW Butner Road, Beaverton.  The church is located just south of Hwy 26, just a few blocks east of Murray Blvd.

REHEARSAL ROOM (as of September 2017):
Enter main building, turn right at the first hallway.  We’ll be in the large room at the end of the hall.


RCFC MUSIC LIBRARY:   click here to see what we have in our library


1st Half:

    • We Three Kings/Carol of the Bells, Louke (3:00)
    • A Child is Born, Jones & Wilder, arr. Annicchiarico (5:00)
    • Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, arr. John E. Davis (11:00)
    • There Is No Rose (5:30)


2nd Half:

  • African Noel, arr. Ann Cameron Pearce  (4:30)
  • *Hanukah Suite—Mi Y’Malel (2:30)
  • Renaissance Noel; Good King Wenceslas (1:13); Lo How a Rose (2:14), *Patapan (1:15); What Child (3:30) (total: 8:30)
  • Breath of Heaven (5:00)
  • *Joyeux Noel: He is Born;  (*not for Grotto)
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas (1:30)

*not played at The Grotto Performance

21:30 plus French Carols


1st Half:

  • Inno for Joueurs, Sorrentino, p,c1-5,a1-2,b,cb,sub
  • Beethoven’s Pastorale Symphony No. 6, mvt 1 & mvt 3 -Beethoven, arr. Adrian Dee
  • Pandas in the Bamboo Forest, Louke,  p,c1-3,a,b,cb
  • A Quiet Mouse and a House, Fernandez, p,c1-5,a1-2,b,cb,sub
  • Appalacian Suite, Kelly Via,  p,1-4,a,b
  • Hornpipe Humoresque, Rawsthorne, arr. Thorne, p1-2,c1-4,a,b

2nd Half:                                            

  • Low Flutes: Voices from the Deep, Mulnar-Suhajda, a1-3,b1-2,cb
  • Chamber Choir: Nordic Spirits, Meyn, p1-2,c1-4,a1-2,b1-2
  • maybe one more short piece
  • Legend of the Birds (from Eight Russian Folk Songs), Liadov, arr.Wheeler, p,c1-3,a,b & c5,a2-3,b2
  • Farewell Symphony (Finale from Symphony No. 45), Haydn, arr. Tonsing, p,c1-9,a,b


Rehearsal and Performance Schedule


 November 23 NO REHEARSAL – Thanksgiving
 November 30 DRESS REHEARSAL – Run program
Saturday, December 2


Performance:  3:00pm, Call:  2:30pm
Grandview Baptist Church
14855 S Leland Rd, Beavercreek, OR
Dress:  Black Bottoms & Holiday Bright Tops/Sweaters
This is Kathy Lerum’s and Holly Waddell’s church
Saturday, December 2 Performance: The Grotto Festival of Lights,
NE 85th and Sandy Blvd., Portland
8:00-8:45pm, Call: 7:30pm
Dress: Black Bottoms & Holiday Bright Tops/Sweaters

All family members accompanying you will need to pay for admission and enter at the front gate (we will be distributing discount coupons).
Parking: Park in performers lot on NE 85th (about 1/4-1/2 mile south of Sandy). Ask the parking attendant to direct you where musicians go, if this is your first time at the Grotto (or carpool with someone who has been there before). If you bring along family, have them drop you off at the Performer’s Lot, and then park in the visitors lot, near the front entrance.
To get to Warm-Up Room: After parking, there is a building to the right as you enter the musicians lot. You’ll see an exterior staircase. Go up the stairs (or take the elevator, which is to the right of the staircase) and enter the glass doors (should be a sign to the warm-up room–it’s down the hall on the left).
Thursday, December 7th NO REHEARSAL – Thanksgiving
Saturday, December 9th (DOUBLE-HEADER)
Performance: Jennings McCall Center,
in the Jefferson Room
3:00pm, Call: 2:30pm
2300 Masonic Way, Forest Grove
Dress: Black Bottoms & Holiday Bright Tops/Sweaters
This performance will pay our treasury $100.
 Saturday, December 9th Performance:  Gresham Manor,
7:15pm, Call:  6:45pm
2895 SE Powell Valley Road, Gresham
Dress:  Black Bottoms & Holiday Bright Tops/Sweaters
December 11
NO REHEARSALS – December 11 – January 17
 January 18 Rehearsal – Pass in music from Fall Season, pass out Spring Music
 January 25 Rehearsal
 February 1 Rehearsal
 February 8 Rehearsal
 February 15 Rehearsal
 February 22 Rehearsal
 March 1 Rehearsal
 March 8 Rehearsal
 March 15 Rehearsal
 March 22 Rehearsal
 March 29 No Rehearsal?(Spring Break)
 April 5 Rehearsal
 April 12 Rehearsal
Saturday, April 14th
PERFORMANCE:  Flute Fair, Aloha High School  9:00-4:00pm
Morning Performance:  TBA
DRESS:  White RCFC Polo Shirts and black slacks or skirt
 April 19  DRESS REHEARSAL for Spring Concert
Saturday, April 21st
Spring Concert: Cedar Hills United Church of Christ
7:30pm, Call: 6:45pm
Dress: Black and/or White with Red Accents
 May 3rd Rehearsal – Pass in music from Spring Season
 May 10th Rehearsal
 May 17th Rehearsal
 May 24th Rehearsal
 May 31st Rehearsal
 June 7th Rehearsal
 June 14th Rehearsal
 June 21st Rehearsal
 June 28th Rehearsal
July 5th
July 12th
July 19th
July 26th

Spring (and sometimes Fall) Season:
Chamber Choir (auditioned group): Rehearsal starts promptly at 6:30pm
Low Flute Ensemble (non-auditioned group): Rehearses 8:30-9:00pm (Spring Season only)
When Chamber Choir meets,
Rose City Flute Choir: Rehearsal starts promptly at 7:15pm.For informal concerts and summer performances, the group wears white polo shirts embroidered with RCFC’s logo. Price is $30.RCFC Shirts available: (updated 11/13/2016)Women’s sizes

2 – XS
2 – S
5 – M
6 – L
6 – XL
2 – XXL

Men’s sizes

1 – L
3 – XL